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Sinup introduces donating to your lifestyle in a modern way. A night out or TV binge after a tough week, a cheat day after a workout, a shopping spree after a pay rise – good vibes like to be spread.

How Sinup works


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Pick your reason, a charity, and an amount. Write a description and fill your donation with life. No gushy approach, no pressure, just a convenient, personalized way to donate.

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Your stories

Playing hard

Turning it up to an 11? Tap the donate button in the rhythm of the night!

Shopping spree

Going on an online shopping spree buying a pet monkey?


Sometimes you just have to binge watch an entire series, we get it.

Messing up

Being late, complaining, swearing, scrolling social media, vaping, you name it.

Cheat day

We all crave into our comfort foods sometimes, it’s what they’re there for right?!


Did something your grandma wouldn’t want to know about?

Charity Organizations we support


We like many charities around the world.

Our Accelerators


We are under an acceleration program.

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If you have any questions, or wish to feel better just simply say hello to us 🙂