Sinup is here to make you feel better.

Have you done something crazy, had one too many drinks or just scoffed a cake? And instead of feeling happy you feel crappy? Just hit the donate button, support charities and help settle your sins!

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Your sins

Playing hard

So you partied hard, woke up in the morning and are grateful for that bottle of water by your bed? Then help give water to the less fortunate.

Buyer’s remorse

Sometimes we splurge too much on ourselves. Donate and help give people the necessities they need in life.


The whole day has flown by and you can’t think of anything you did? Just move your finger – tap donate so that kids in need could do something cool.


You’ve just screwed up. Make it up by helping the people who sacrificed their whole life for you and your country.

Cheat day

You knew you didn’t have to but you still ate that cookie even when you were stuffed. Then, share a meal with those who are hungry.


You acted out of character and shared too much love recently? Keep going and send a dollar to those fighting AIDS illnesses.

Charity Organizations we support

We like many charities around the world.

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