Privacy Policy

Effective date: 27.04.2018


We are Sinup (“we,” “us”), and we respect your privacy.

The purpose of this privacy policy (“Policy”) is to explain how your (“you,” “user”) personal information will be collected, stored, shared, protected, and used. It also indicates your choices about those actions.

Our mission is to allow users make worthy charity donations and feel better by doing so. We believe that small contributions can help those in need, but also the donors themselves.

The overview below serves as an explanation of our overall practices regarding your privacy and personal information. Please read the full document to get a good understanding of what our privacy practices are.

Here are the main points of what this Policy is about:

  • How we collect, store, use the personal information you provide;
  • How your information may be shared and with whom;
  • How we use third-party services, including payments services;
  • How analytics, logs, devices identifiers, and other technical information are part of this Policy.

This Policy consists of three main parts, which are:

  • describing related information, technical terms, and our partners;
  • explaining how we, you, and our partners use this information;
  • introducing additional matters important for this Policy.

Our cookies policy is available in another document, which you can easily access from our website or in the app. Please read it too.


1.1.1 Policy – when it applies

This Policy applies if you use or access:

  • Sinup mobile app (“Sinup,” “app”) available for iOS devices by downloading it from the App Store or by any other means having a copy of it on your device;
  • any of our websites, especially our main website located at;
  • any other service that is provided by us.

In this Policy, we will refer to all those ways this Policy applies to with terms “using Sinup,” “use Sinup,” “access Sinup,” “accessing Sinup,” “visit Sinup,” “visiting Sinup.”

By using Sinup, you agree to this Policy. You also consent to us processing your personal information in accordance to this Policy, our cookie policy ( (“Cookies”), and terms and conditions ( (“Terms”).

In this Policy, we will refer to this Policy, Cookies, and Terms all together with a term “our Agreements.”

If you do not agree to our Agreements, please do not use Sinup.


1.2.1 Sinup – what is it

Sinup is a platform where you can post content, which includes photos, comments, and any other materials (“User Content”) publicly. By using Sinup, you understand and agree how the platform works, what is it for, and what are our policies towards the platform and User Content as well as our proprietary practices.


1.3.1 Your information – what we collect

You agree that you voluntarily provide the information listed below.

Here is a list of types of information you provide us directly:

  • Email;
  • Name and surname or nickname;
  • Facebook related information (personal information, e.g., name, email, demographic information, e.g., gender, age). Please note, that the decision to grant permission to Facebook profile is optional;
  • User Content (e.g., photos, text) that you post to Sinup;
  • Communications information, e.g., we may send you emails (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to features of Sinup, technical and security notices).


1.3.2 Your information – User Content

Here is a list of our specific policies towards User Content you and other users provide:

  • User Content is publicly available through Sinup;
  • Users can search for User Content, view it, use it, and share it.

In other words, all User Content is treated as non-proprietary as well as non-confidential and may be distributed in the U.S. and other countries. Regarding this, any User Content may be combined and used, stored, and shared in a way that is consistent with our Agreements.

Please note that some copies of your User Content or information may remain viewable, shareable, and searchable in cached or archived pages even if you delete it from Sinup. The same applies to User Content that is copied or saved by others or third-parties before you remove it.


1.3.3 Your information – how we collect it

Here is a list of ways you provide information:

  • by registering for Sinup and setting up an account;
  • by logging in via third-party service, e.g., Facebook;
  • by posting content to or sharing content in Sinup, e.g., text, photos;
  • by simply using Sinup, which is something we can see, track, and analyze.

Here is a list of other ways we can collect information:

  • by communicating with you, or if you communicate with us;
  • by getting information from cookies and other technology.


1.4.1 Technical information – collecting and using analytics

To measure traffic, usage trends, and to gather logs we use third-party analytics tools, e.g., Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Firebase. These tools may collect different type of information that is sent from your device or Sinup, e.g., web pages you visit, add-ons, and others. Information like that helps us improve Sinup and provide a better experience. Please note, that this kind of information is usually combined with analytic information from other users and it is not its purpose to identify a particular and individual user. However, it may be possible that they are related to a specific user.


1.4.2 Technical information – collecting and using cookies

There are some technologies like cookies, pixels, web beacons, or local storage that can collect information of how you use Sinup. We use them to provide a better service. It is also possible that our partners or advertisers will serve ads, which may result in cookies or other technologies being placed on your device either by us or third-parties.


1.4.3 Technical information – collecting and using log files

Requesting to access a web page or app, as well as downloading content from them to your browser or device automatically report log file information. For example, if you visit our website or open our app, some information may be saved. The same applies to communication, e.g., exchanging emails. We may be able to collect similar log information to track emails that were opened, links that were clicked, etc.

Here is a list of example log file information that may be recorded when using Sinup:

  • web requests, IP address, browser type;
  • referring/exit pages and URLs;
  • number of clicks;
  • domain names, landing pages, pages viewed.

Other technical information we may collect are, but not limited to: time zone settings, mobile browser, mobile network provider, operating system, type of your device, etc.


1.4.4 Technical information – collecting and using device identifiers

Mobile devices can be uniquely identified because of small data files or structures, which are stored on or associated with the device. When you access Sinup, we may access, collect, store, and monitor those identifiers directly on your device and remotely. The identifiers may be data stored in connection with your device hardware, operating system, or other software or sent to the device by Sinup.

The purpose of device identifiers is to provide information how you use Sinup and to help us deliver personalized content, ads, and general reports. This kind of information may be sent to a third-party partner or to us to ensure all features and functions of Sinup are working properly.


1.4.5 Technical information – collecting and using metadata

Metadata is information that can be added to User Content, e.g., marking a location, writing comments, tagging friends or similar. Please note that if you allow tracking location or if you geotag your User Content then your geographical coordinates will be stored and may be shared with others. It means you will become searchable, so it may be possible to find your location on a map.


2.1.1 Third-parties – how we work with them

We work with third-parties (“Parties”), which provide Sinup with a variety of services.

Here is a list of what those services cover:

  • logins and importing profile data;
  • payments;
  • tax receipts;
  • analytics.

Here is a list of key Parties we work with and whose services we use:

  • Facebook;
  • Stripe;
  • Charities.

Here is a list of other Parties:

  • other Sinup users;
  • Sinup team members;
  • companies, charities, people, and organizations whose help let us provide Sinup to you;
  • business partners as well as advertising partners;
  • any other outside parties necessary to comply with the law and legal obligations.

We may work with Parties that are not listed in this Policy as well as discontinue to work with those that are listed.

Every third-party service has a specific role for Sinup and apart from technical solution often provides also security measures.


2.1.2 Third-parties – links and redirecting

Please note that sometimes in Sinup you may be redirected to other sites, which are controlled by third-parties. Even though we may somehow cooperate with them, they have their privacy policies, terms of conditions, cookie policies, and others. As a result, they may have different rules of using their services.

You may be redirected by clicking some of the buttons, images, ads, links, or by using share feature. Each time you follow a link like this, please make sure you are familiar with policies and other rules of those third-parties since we are not responsible and liable for their practices.


2.1.3 Third-parties – working with Facebook

We use Facebook to allow you to log in with your Facebook credentials. Thanks to this you are not required to register with an email, and you can use your existing Facebook account. In this process, your Facebook profile picture, name, surname, email, friends list, and other information may be collected, stored, and shared in accordance with this Policy.


2.1.4 Third-parties – working with Stripe

We use Stripe to provide payment service. We will share with Stripe your e-mail, name, surname, account ID, and any other necessary data that is required for successful payment. Please note that we never access any of your credit or debit card information as those are strictly processed by Stripe. As a result, any monetary donations are handled by their service. Even if you choose to save your payment details, they are not stored on Sinup’s servers; they are stored on Stripe’s. The purpose of this is to provide better safety to the payment system.

You will be redirected to Stripe service each time you click a donate button. We strongly encourage you to read Stripe’s privacy policy and terms of service because payments in Sinup are working in accordance with Stripe’s practices, not ours. When you use payments or provide any payment related information, you agree with Stripe’s policies.

Please note that not only following a link may apply Stripe’s policies. Typing in your credit card information or any similar payment information in an appropriate place in Sinup is identified with using Stripe’s services too. If you do not agree with Stripe’s policies or you are not familiar with them, please do not save your credit card information and do not use payments.


2.1.5 Third-parties – working with charities

We cooperate with charities so that they can provide you with a tax receipt for your donations. For this to work, we may share with charities your email address and other necessary data, such as your name and donation amount, for tax receipt preparation and delivery. Please note that the process of sharing this information may be done via Stripe, which is handling the payments.

Since we may share your contact and personal information with charities, they may contact you directly via email and send tax receipts. We do not allow charities to send you marketing offers or newsletters unless you expressly opt-in to subscribe, e.g., by clicking a relevant button in tax receipt email, contacting the charity or us.


2.2.1 Using your information – how it works

Here is a list of why we use your information:

  • to provide you with Sinup’s features and services;
  • to constantly improve Sinup’s features, effectiveness, and design;
  • to manage Sinup;
  • to track and analyze how you use Sinup;
  • to maintain communication and provide you with necessary information;
  • to diagnose technical problems and prevent them from occurring;
  • to keep security level.

Here is a list of examples why using your information may be beneficial:

  • You will be able to access your information easily after you sign in;
  • Visiting Sinup again will not require re-entering all the information;
  • Providing, among other things, content and information that will be personalized to you and others and, therefore, with the aim to be more interesting to you. It may include ads and other marketing content;
  • Sinup will be able to update itself on your device automatically.

Using your information also helps in:

  • diagnosing or fixing technology problems;
  • monitoring useful metrics, such as total number of visitors, traffic, demographic patterns, and others;
  • testing new features, solutions, or ideas and implementing them.


2.2.2 Using your information – how we store it

Sinup and our partners may provide service and be available to users worldwide. We may use service of Parties, which maintain facilities in different countries. As a result, your information we collect may not be limited to storage and processing in the United States.


2.2.3 Using your information – transferring across borders

Data protection laws vary depending on a region you are located in, e.g., in the European Union and the U.S. We may transfer your personal information or any other information we collect across borders, so to other countries or jurisdictions. The law governing data collection, sharing, storage, and protection in those places may be different than in the place you reside in.

Please note that if you register for and use Sinup you understand and agree to the transfer of your information, including your personal information, to the United States and any other country, in which Sinup and our Partners provide services, use services from, or maintain facilities in accordance to this Policy. The same applies to the disclosure of your information.


2.2.4 Using your information – how we share it

We cooperate with Parties and share your information with them to ensure better Sinup experience. However, sharing does not mean selling. Without your consent, we will not sell your information to third-parties outside Sinup, except as noted in this Policy.

Here is a list of our sharing practices:

  • We will share information with Parties, which are reasonably necessary to provide service under reasonable confidentiality terms;
  • We may share information from technology like cookies with third-party advertising partners;
  • We may share anonymized data with other Parties. It is achieved by removing parts of data that makes it possible to identify you individually and combining your information with information from other users. That kind of data is no longer associated with you.


2.2.5 Using your information – how you share it

Inviting users to Sinup is optional, and you can access it by sharing Sinup directly from the app itself. We use a third-party feature for this, which is a default iOS sharing functionality provided by Apple. It may access your contact list on Messenger, Whatsapp, contacts stored on your device and others. Using this feature may also result in posting a link to Sinup on Facebook or sending a text message.

Sending such invitations is a third-party service. They are sent directly from your personal account, not from Sinup, e.g., via SMS that uses your phone number or via the Internet that uses mobile data. Because of that, charges for sending such invitations may be applied. You are fully responsible for those charges. The same applies to obtaining recipients’ consent to contact them and send invitations.

Please note, that the app will not post anything or contact anyone from your contact lists if those actions are inconsistent with our Agreements.


3.1.1 Events affecting this Policy – change of control

There are some transactions and legal proceedings that can affect Sinup such as a merger, acquisition, incorporation, dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy, etc. As a result, a legal form and the owners of Sinup may change as well as a part of our assets or the whole of Sinup can be transferred or sold to another organization.

In case of such event, your information may also be among the items, which were sold or transferred. That includes your personal information (e.g., name, email), User Content (e.g., comments, photos), and any other information we collect in accordance with this Policy. Please note that commitments we have made in this Policy will have to be honored by the buyer or transferee.


3.1.2 Events affecting this Policy – disclosing information

There are laws or judicial requirements to disclose your information in case of some events. Please note that we may also disclose your information if we reasonably believe it is necessary, not only if we are legally obliged to do so.

Here is a list of example events:

  • acting in accordance with the law and their reasonable requests;
  • enforcing our Agreements;
  • protecting the security or integrity of service our partners and we provide;
  • protecting or exercising the personal safety, property, or other rights of Sinup, our Users, Partners, and others.


3.2.1 Safety – how it works

We take steps to reasonably secure your information, and we take measures to verify users, who use Sinup, as well as charities we work with. However, for this Policy, we cannot guarantee 100% safety of your information, in particular, information transmitted to Facebook or similar services. We cannot ensure you that your information on Sinup will not be accessed, disclosed, shared, altered, or destroyed. To improve the security of your information, please use Sinup safely, e.g., do not expose your password. Using Sinup and providing any information is at your own risk.

Please note that Sinup may still retain some of your information such as profile information and User Content even if you terminate or deactivate your account. We can store it and use it for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival and audit purposes.


3.2.2 DNT (Do Not Track)

It is required by California law to include information about our approach to the Do Not Track setting. Since some of our users may come from California, we kindly inform that we do not respond to DNT signals.


3.3.1 Children privacy – what is it

Children privacy concerns children under the age of 17 (“Youngsters”). Sinup is restricted to individuals of 17 and above.

Here is a list of our practices towards children privacy:

  • Sinup and its content are not directed at Youngsters;
  • We do not knowingly allow Youngsters to register for the service;
  • We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information that may come from or refer to Children;
  • If we find out that we store any personal information from Youngsters without their parental consent, we will delete this data as quickly as possible.

Please contact us if you believe to have any information about Children registered in Sinup or whose information is being used in Sinup at


3.4.1 Contact – how you can reach us

Please contact us at in case you have any questions, suggestions, or comments on this Policy.


3.5.1 Changes in Policy – how it works

The law and requirements for privacy policies are changing and may change again in the future. In case of such events, we may update or modify this Policy. We also may update or modify this Policy on a regular basis to improve it in any terms and make sure it is easy to understand. Please review it from time to time to be sure you are up-to-date with its content.

After we make changes to this Policy, we may, but we are not obliged to, notify you, e.g., via email, and describe updates that have been made. However, we will notify you if the changes are material. This can happen via email or with a popup in the app or on our website. The changes become effective immediately after we post them. If you continue to use Sinup after the changes in this Policy, you accept those changes and agree with the new Policy.

If you do not accept those changes, you can remove the app from your device and stop using Sinup.


3.6.1 Modifying your information – how it works

You can contact us at and ask us to remove your personal information, make changes in them, send you a copy, or unsubscribe you from our mailing list. You can change some of your information, e.g., name, email, by yourself in the app’s settings. To stop receiving emails from Sinup, you can also click ‘Unsubscribe’ button in emails you receive from us.