Terms & Conditions

Effective date: 27.04.2018

We are Sinup (“we,” “us”). These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are a legal agreement between you (“you,” “user”) and Sinup. The purpose of the Terms is to explain how your use of our services is governed and what are your rights as well as obligations.



1.1 These Terms apply if you use or access:

  • Sinup mobile app (“Sinup,” “app”) available for iOS devices by downloading it from the App Store or by any other means having a copy of it on your device;
  • any of our websites, especially our main website located at http://www.sinup.co/;
  • any other service that is provided by us.

1.2 In these Terms, we will refer to all those ways these Terms applies to, mentioned in section 1.1, with terms “using Sinup,” “use Sinup,” “access Sinup,” “accessing Sinup,” “visit Sinup,” “visiting Sinup.”

1.3 By using Sinup, you agree to these Terms. You also consent to us processing your personal information in accordance to our privacy policy (http://www.sinup.co/privacy/) (“Privacy Policy”), our cookie policy (http://www.sinup.co/cookie-policy/) (“Cookies”), and these Terms.

1.4 In these Terms, we will refer to these Terms, Cookies, and Privacy Policy all together with a term “our Agreements.” If you do not agree to our Agreements, please do not use Sinup.



2.1 Sinup is a platform where you can post content, which may include photos, comments, and any other materials (“User Content”) publicly. By using Sinup, you understand and agree how the platform works, what is it for, and what are our policies towards the platform and User Content as well as our proprietary practices. More details on how we collect, use, share, store, and protect your personal information, more information about third-parties, as well as our practices towards User Content and other practices can be found in Privacy Policy.

2.2 Sinup offers a way to make charitable donations. We promote charities to encourage supporting meaningful causes.

2.3 Sinup is about the deeds we want to feel better about, e.g., being lazy, cheating on a diet, letting a friend down, etc. We will refer to those deeds with a term ‘Sin’.

2.4 Sinup has no religious context. We do not imply any religious correlation with the term ‘Sin.’ We use it based on the etymology of this word. For more explanation, please study Hebrew and Greek origin of this word, which means ‘failure,’ ‘being in error,’ and especially ‘missing the center of a target.’

2.5 Before you make a charitable donation you are required to pick your Sin type and a charity you would like to donate to. You also need to specify how much you would like to donate. This whole process is called ‘adding a Sin.’

2.6 You can choose to donate nothing when adding a Sin. In that case, you will have to choose a ‘free’ option while picking the amount of a donation. This process is included in the term ‘adding a Sin.’

2.7 Adding a Sin means posting User Content.

2.8 Posting a comment while adding a Sin is optional.

2.9 You can post content in two privacy modes: public or private. You can pick this option every time you are adding a Sin. Public sins (‘Public Sins’) will be shown on the feed tab. Private sins (‘Private Sins’) will be only visible to you.

2.10 Your Private Sins are meant to be viewed only by you. We do not share them on the feed and with any third-parties, except charities (we will not share the Sin description). However, Private Sins are not encrypted or secured in any additional ways. They are stored on our servers as any other data. It means we may have access and view your Private Sins. You agree and understand that you are fully liable for any content you post in your Private Sins. Please do not post any kind of sensitive information or passwords.



3.1 Sinup is free on App Store, and we do not take any commission fees from your donations;

3.2 You can make charitable donations only to charities from a list Sinup chooses for you (“Charities”). The purpose of this is to match charities’ mission with ours, check their safety, validation, and how funds are used;

3.3 All Charities have the IRS classification of a ‘Charitable Organisation’ and subsection of 501(c)(3);

3.4 Donating to Charities means making payments. For payments, refunds, and any other payment-related services we use Stripe. We do not access any credit or debit card information you share with Stripe. When you use payments, you agree with Stripe’s policies.

3.5 For safety reasons, we have no control over how the payments are processed, nor the refund process, and what the fees are. Sinup is not responsible for refunds or any payment issues.

3.6 Donations will be transferred to the Charity of your choice. From the total amount donated a Stripe’s fee will be subtracted. Please visit Stripe’s website to find up-to-date details on their processing fees;

3.7 We are not liable for any actions of Charities, specifically how your funds are used.

3.8 If you are not satisfied with the donation process or how your funds are used, you agree that this is not liability nor responsibility of Sinup;

3.9 If you use Sinup or make any payments in Sinup you are fully responsible for those actions. This specifically applies to using Sinup on a device you are not an owner of or allowing someone to use Sinup on your device;

3.10 If you use payments, your personal information must be the same as the information you use for payments. Using a debit or credit card you not the registered owner of is prohibited.

3.11 While using Sinup you may have an option to click on a link, which redirects you to a third-party service. We have no control over the policies of those third-parties and their content. Sinup is not liable for any content found by using services of third-parties. Please note that using Stripe’s service may not require following a link, e.g., you agree with Stripe’s policies if you enter any of your payment details inside the app.

3.12 Sinup is not a representant of any third-party we work with, which includes Charities. Following links and using third-party services is at your own risk.



4.1 Here is a list of what is prohibited:

  • Posting nude, partially nude, or in any meaning sexually explicit photos;
  • Posting content suggesting an illegal action or crime;
  • Posting content that may be insulting to others;
  • Using Sinup for any illegal purpose or unauthorized actions;
  • Modifying, hacking, or adapting Sinup;
  • Performing any action that falsely implies another website, app or content is associated with Sinup or third-parties we work with;
  • Using any of copyrighted materials or trademarks of Sinup and third-parties in any way, especially charities;
  • Removing intellectual property, copyrights, and trademarks notices, copying, transmitting, framing, modifying, adapting, publishing, republishing, distributing, uploading, selling, licensing, sublicensing any content, or performing any other actions in a way that is violating intellectual property rights;
  • Transmitting viruses, worms, or any code that has destructive nature;
  • Violating any laws in your jurisdiction, which also apply to copyright laws, but is not limited to them.



5.1 Here is a list of requirements, your consents, responsibilities, and liabilities:

  • You must be 17 years or older;
  • Since there are different local laws that apply to online conduct and content, you agree to comply with them;
  • You are fully and solely responsible as well as liable for your User Content you submit, post, and display on Sinup.
  • You are fully and solely responsible as well as liable for your conduct on Sinup, specifically to protect your password;



6.1 We reserve rights to:

  • Modify or terminate Sinup, our services, and website;
  • Update or modify these Terms on a regular basis;
  • Refuse to provide service to anyone;
  • Terminate, block, or deny access to any account without liability to the user of that account, especially if that user violates our Agreements;
  • Temporary suspend access to using Sinup. Temporary suspension may also happen due to technical issues, e.g., hardware failure;
  • Force a change of a username that is inactive, violates copyrights or trademarks, is misleading or insulting to other users;
  • Remove User Content or accounts that contain insulting, threatening, defamatory, obscene, libelous, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable content at any time without notice;
  • Delete User Content that violates copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual property, or these Terms;
  • Release updates to Sinup.

6.2 What we understand by ‘insultive’ and similar is determined at our sole discretion. This is done in good faith, using reasonable judgment, and common sense.

6.3 All the rights we reserve can be used for any reason, without notice, at any time, without liability to you or other users, and in our sole discretion

6.4 Sinup may still retain some of your information even if your account is terminated. More details on this can be found in Privacy Policy.

6.5 If we do not take actions to stop a user from violating our Agreements, it does not mean a user is allowed to violate them. For example, if you set a profile photo that is violating these Terms, we may but do not have to delete this photo. If we happen not to delete the photo, it does not mean you are granted permission to keep it on your profile.



7.1 If you violate any of the clauses of these Terms your account will be terminated.



8.1 As mentioned in clause 5.1 we reserve the right to update or modify these Terms on a regular basis. Please review it from time to time to be sure you are up-to-date with the content.

8.2 After we make changes to these Terms, we may, but we are not obliged to, notify you, e.g., via email and describe updates that have been made. However, we will notify you if the changes are material. This can happen via email, with a popup in the app, or on our website. The changes become effective immediately after we post them. If you continue to use Sinup after the changes in these Terms, you accept those changes and agree to the new Terms.

8.3 If you do not accept changes to these Terms, you can remove the app from your device and stop using Sinup.

8.4 As mentioned in clause 5.1 we may release updates to Sinup. If we release an update, you may need to download a new version of the app from App Store and agree to updated Terms before continuing to use Sinup.

8.5 We may terminate these Terms if you violate our Agreements.

8.6 In case of change of control, which is described in section 3.1.1 of Privacy Policy, our rights and obligations may be transferred. However, your rights and obligations will remain the same. If you would like to transfer your rights and obligations, you will have to sign a written agreement with us that covers this matter.



9.1 We treat all User Content as non-proprietary as well as non-confidential. Sinup does not have any obligations towards User Content. We may modify, add to, delete from, display, translate, combine, reproduce, or use in any other way we reasonably believe it’s necessary any User Content you display or publish on or through Sinup. We may do so for commercial or non-commercial purposes, royalty free.

9.2 Sinup may display advertisements and offer promotion codes, which are used to support our revenue. You hereby agree that Sinup may place these advertisements and that their content may be in conjunction with your User Content. Any changes to the manner, extent, or mode of the advertising and promotions can happen without notice at any time.

9.3 By posting on or through Sinup any User Content you represent and warrant that:

  • Your User Content is non-proprietary as well as non-confidential, or you are the owner of it;
  • Your User Content and the use of it do not violate any copyrights, privacy rights, publicity rights, intellectual property rights, contract rights, or any other rights of any individual or company;
  • What you post will not cause a breach of contract between a third-party and you;

9.4 If posting or using your User Content in accordance with our Agreements results in the obligation to pay any royalties or fees to anyone, you will pay them;



10.1 If you use Sinup in accordance to our Agreements and App Store policies, we grant you a worldwide limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-sublicensable, non-assignable, revocable, and non-transferable license for personal and non-commercial use only. You are allowed to download the app for temporary storage and use it as well as view and display its content.

10.2 The license granted to you in clause 9.1 does not make you the owner of the app and gives you no intellectual property rights to the copyrighted content, especially to our logo, name, icons, graphics, etc. The same applies to all User Content. You understand and agree that Sinup is the owner of the app and keeps the ownership even if granting a license to you.

10.3 Texts, logos, images, a layout of User Content, designs, and other graphical and written content of the app and our websites is copyrighted and protected by intellectual property rights. This also applies to third-party content, e.g., Stripe’s logo, charities’ logos, etc. Some content of third-parties may be protected by trademarks;

10.4 You are not allowed to copy, translate, modify, publish, transmit, broadcast, perform, distribute, sell, or display any User Content posted on or through Sinup by other users in a way that is not in accordance to our Agreements;

10.5 You agree and understand that even though we prohibit some kinds of content, Sinup is not responsible for any User Content, and, as a result, cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to inappropriate content. Please note, that we have no obligation to delete that kind of content. You use Sinup and view any User Content at your own risk.



11.1 Signing up for Sinup via Facebook requires a permission to access your Facebook profile. You will have to grant us this permission, which provides basic information, e.g., name, picture, gender, user ID, email, friends list, etc. Granting the permission is optional, but without it some features in Sinup will not work, e.g., using your Facebook profile picture as your Sinup profile picture.

11.2 You hereby agree that you are responsible for any information you post to or through Sinup and that includes information acquired from your Facebook account.

11.3 You may sign up for Sinup with your email and password. You are solely responsible and liable for keeping your password safe. Our policies towards collecting and using your email and other personal information are described in Privacy Policy.



12.1 Once in a while using Sinup may be interrupted for technical reasons, e.g., maintenance, upgrades, emergency repairs, telecommunication and equipment failures, or other reasons that are beyond our control. We are not liable for interruptions in using Sinup due to technical reasons.

12.2 We may store your information like User Content and personal information even if your account was terminated or User Content deleted to comply with legal obligations. Such information is not retrievable unless a valid court order is provided.

12.3 We are not liable for suspension, discontinuation, termination, or modification of Sinup, our website, and services. The same applies to the loss of your User Content.

12.4 Sinup does not encourage you to any activities, which are harmful to you, others, or the environment. You are solely responsible for any of your activities.

12.5 We are not liable for any of your activities, for which you donate to Sinup.

12.6 Donating for illegal activities and crimes is strictly prohibited. You hereby agree and understand that donating in Sinup does not mean you will not be fully responsible for your activities. You are always solely liable for your actions and their consequences, especially legal consequences.

12.7 We are not liable if your Private Sins are accessed by other users or third-parties.



13.1 Please contact us at support@sinup.co in case you have any questions, suggestions, or comments on these Terms.

13.2 These Terms will be governed by the laws of the United States.



14.1 We grant no warranties, e.g., satisfactory qualities or fitness for purpose, to using Sinup. The app and it’s content is provided ‘as is’ without any terms of any kind. We as well as our partners hereby disclaim and make no representation or promises, provide no warranties or conditions with regard to using Sinup, its content and functions. It means that we do not guarantee that the information provided is accurate, functions and features will work, the app is secure, etc. This is applied with regard to the fullest extent, which is permissible by law.

14.2 Sinup is not a financial advisor, tax, or accounting advisor. You should make your own decisions on donating to charities, and you should not rely on our advice. Always contact your advisor before making donations. You are fully responsible and liable for financial consequences of your actions in Sinup. We are not liable for any financial, tax, or accounting issues.

14.3 If your actions result in any claim against Sinup, e.g., because of your violation of our Agreements, especially our copyrights, you shall indemnify Sinup against all complaints, losses, demands, costs, etc.